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The Tools to Grow an Audience on Twitter

Use ThreadStart to schedule and post tweets, engage your followers, and build relationships that will last.

A powerful editor to quickly write tweets & threads. Packed with useful helpers to make content creation a breeze: media management, auto numbering, thread splitting, text formatting, and much more!

Know the perfect times to schedule, create a posting plan with slots and maximize the impact of your content.

Build lasting relationships by engaging with others. No more missed notifications. Manage your mentions and quickly get back to everyone with the Engagement Feed!

Advanced Analytics help you see which content works for you and your audience. How are followers engaging, what content sparks conversations, what should you double down on? Find out now!


Everything Needed for a Thread

You write the content and ThreadStart takes care of

  • ✅ splitting
  • ✅ formatting
  • ✅ publishing

ThreadStart editor with Twitter thread content and tweet preview

The Threaditor

A custom made editor to write the perfect Twitter thread.

Automatic Text-splitting

You provide the content and ThreadStart makes it fit into tweets.

List Tool

Quickly create enticing lists with a click. You can even chose the style!

Automatic Numbering

Ever number a thread by hand? It's no fun. Let ThreadStart do it!

Force New Tweets

ThreadStart splits your text into tweets, but you always have the last word!

Add Images

Make your tweets more engaging by adding images. Quick & easy with the ThreadStart uploader.

Publish Now

The easiest way to share your content on Twitter right from the editor.

Schedule For Later

Schedule your threads in advance and publish them when your audience listens.

Save Threads

Our draft box lets you save content without posting it. Never lose a thread again.

A better way to post your tweets

Continuosly providing quality content is hard enough, distributing it on Twitter should not be.

Advanced Twitter Publishing

Generating content is a lot of work. But publishing it should not be. ThreadStart takes over publishing for you. Schedule tweets & threads when your audience is most engaging and boost it for users in different timezones.

Schedule threads

ThreadStart can schedule tweets & threads in advance. So your content machine keeps running even while you sleep.

Perfect Posting Time

Publish your tweets when your audience engages most. You spend so much time creating content and you want your followers to see it! No more guessing when the right time is.

Audience Boost

International audiences live in different timezones. The Audience Boost helps you reach more people, by automatically retweeting your content for you.

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I use ThreadStart on my phone so often that it is now the most visited page in my browser. It beats Facebook, Youtube and even my email.

Nathan from
Founder / Developer

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Made for Creators

Save time, post consistently and grow faster with the Pro plan! Save hours each month you can spend on your content instead.

  • quick scheduling to free slots
  • audience boost retweets
  • perfect posting time suggestions
  • unlimited tweet & thread scheduling
  • advanced tweet analytics

Plans start on a 7 day Pro trial and will continue on the Free plan if you do not upgrade.

Twitter API account limits still apply to unlimited scheduling.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to Felix.

What does it cost?
There are two paid plans:
  • Pro for content creators that want to grow on Twitter.
  • Premium for content creators that require multiple connected accounts & priority support.
Check the pricing page for more information.
What happens after the trial?
After the trial your account will be downgraded to a free account. Free accounts are limited in their functionality & data history.
What payment methods do you accept?
You can pay with both credit card and PayPal. All payments are securely handled by our trusted payment provider.
Do I need a credit card up front?
No, you can start your trial without payment method. When you decide to upgrade you will need a credit card or PayPal account to subscribe to a plan.
What should I write about?
If you are out of ideas ThreadStart provides you with inspiration for your next tweet or thread.
How can I support you?
As an indie founder every subscription directly helps me (a real person, not a faceless corporation) live and keep this service running. Don't want to upgrade right now? That's okay. You can also help me by spreading the word about