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Automatic Delay: natural posting times when scheduling

Are you looking to post tweets and threads at the best possible time for your followers but worry it might "look scheduled"? Then I've got a feature for you: Automatic Delay! This setting allows you to specify a delay (in minutes) between when you schedule your tweets/threads and when they are actually posted.

This ensures that your posts still go out at the best times possible, but gives them a much more natural appearance.

Automatically delay your scheduled tweets for a more natural time.

How does the delay work?

Say you're scheduling a thread to go out at 12 pm. You would still schedule the thread as you used to for that exact time. Next, you click the "+/- delay" button, so ThreadStart knows you want a delayed posting.

Now when the time comes (12 pm that is), ThreadStart will roll its virtual dice and pick a random amount of minutes to delay your thread by. Let's say in this case it picked 4 minutes. So your thread will go live at 12:04 pm.

This gives your followers a much more natural experience, as you're not posting at the exact same times every day.

How can I set it up?

To use Automatic Delay, go to your account's scheduling settings page and specify the maximum delay you want. For each posting using the delay, ThreadStart will pick a random amount of time (up to your specified maximum) by which it will delay posting the tweet.

You can also choose to enable the automatic delay by default. Once you've done that, all your future scheduled tweets and threads will automatically be delayed. You will still see your sharp scheduling times in your calendar and queue. They're much friendlier on the eye, right?

When to use it

Using the delay is perfect for tweets that are not time-critical. Which, let's be honest, is the case for most tweets. Just be sure to not use it when a specific time is important for you. For example when you are

  • promoting your ProductHunt launch at 9 am

  • releasing a new product while you're presenting it on stage

  • celebrating your rocket launch from the mission control center

Give it a try!

Now you can schedule your tweets and threads with confidence, knowing that they'll appear natural to your followers! I'd love to hear your thoughts about this feature in the next... rolls dice... 7 minutes! 🙌