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What's new since the ProductHunt launch?

It's been a little while since ThreadStart was launched on ProductHunt and I've been busy releasing new updates to the product! In this blog post, I give you a summary of all the major releases that have happened in the past few months.

There were some big changes to ThreadStart and I am excited to recap them.

Engagement Feed

The first big update to ThreadStart was the introduction of the Engagement Feed. This feed lets you see all your Twitter mentions in one place. This makes it easy for you to keep track of all the conversations you are having on Twitter. On your time. No more checking the notifications tab, having everything marked as read, and forgetting who you responded to already. Most important, you can reply directly from ThreadStart.

The Engagement Feed has been a huge success and I'm excited to say there are big plans to expand on it!

The engagement feed helps reply to mentions from within ThreadStart.

Tweet Import

Another addition to ThreadStart was the introduction of the Tweet Import feature. This feature lets you import tweets from your old Twitter accounts into ThreadStart. This is helpful if you want to migrate from one account to another. Or merge content from multiple accounts into one.

Say you created content on three different accounts, but eventually decide to merge all of their content into one. Abandoning two, and only using one going forward. All of your old valuable content would be lost with the unused accounts. Thanks to the import you can recreate this content with your new main Twitter account.

Posting Slots

The next big update to ThreadStart was the introduction of Posting Slots. This feature allows you to define fixed times you want your content to be posted at. These times will automatically be suggested to you whenever you schedule a post. This is helpful if you want to make sure your content is being posted at optimal times.

Posting slots help you make the most of scheduling content in advance. By automatically suggesting the best times for you, it takes out the guesswork. And helps you free up time in your day-to-day to focus on other things!

This is great if you want to tweet at specific times or if you want to queue up a bunch of tweets and have them go out automatically.


The third big update to ThreadStart was the introduction of the Queue. It lets you quickly queue up content for your Twitter account and works perfectly with the aforementioned Posting Slots. Now, you can easily fill up your Posting Slots with content and have it automatically posted for you! Plus, it helps you free up even more time in your day-to-day!

The queue view makes it easy to fill all your empty slots with content.

Tweet Sync

Next up, I am excited to remind you that Tweet Sync is now available on ThreadStart! This feature lets you automatically sync your tweets from Twitter to ThreadStart. So, if you ever take a break from scheduling or just post a lot directly via Twitter, your tweets will still be available on ThreadStart.

With Tweet Sync active ThreadStart will synchronize all the tweets you send and make sure everything that is not sent via ThreadStart will still be added to your account. This not only gives you a more complete picture, but also extends ThreadStart's analytics capabilities to these tweets.

Automatic Posting Delay

The final update I want to tell you about is the introduction of Automatic Posting Delay. This feature allows you to automatically delay your tweets by a certain amount of time after your defined scheduling time.

This helps make your postings not look scheduled by making sure a little time passed between your selected time and the time it is actually posted. Say, your posting slots are set to 09:00, 13:00 & 18:00 - your actual posting times could then be 09:03, 13:12 & 18:07.

And of course, this delay is optional, so whenever you want to schedule at a sharp time you can of course still do it!

Adding a delay makes your posting times look more natural ✨

What else?

The above updates mark the big changes to ThreadStart. On top of these, a lot of smaller updates regarding the speed of the application, usability and design were pushed continuously throughout these past 6 months. These countless fixes and improvements would be too many to list here (and let's be honest nobody would read them), but they are even more important as they're making ThreadStart better one step at a time.

That's a summary of all the updates that have been released for ThreadStart since it's launch on ProductHunt. I'm excited to continue building ThreadStart and adding new features that help people be more productive on Twitter.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter!