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How to number a thread with ThreadStart?

ThreadStart's thread editor comes equipped with a powerful thread numbering tool. Here is a quick guide on how to use it.

Numbering your tweets will help readers follow your thread more easily. Here's how to add ThreadStart's automated thread numbering to your thread in a matter of seconds:

1. Go to the ThreadStart thread editor

2. Click on the numbering icon under 'Thread Options'

Thread numbering tool in the thread editor

3. You will see when the auto numbering is active

When thread numbering is active the tool will be highlighted

4. Choose how you would like the numbering to appear under the numbering options dropdown. The default is "1/2.", but you can also choose different styles like "/1", "(1/2)", "[1/2]" or "1️⃣."

You may also select whether the number should be included in the first and last tweets. And where you want to display the numbering, at the beginning of each tweet or at its end.

Select the numbering options from the dropdown

5. ThreadStart will then automatically apply the selected numbering style to your tweets. You can see it live updating when your content changes. Don't worry about adding or removing tweets in the middle of your thread. ThreadStart will always correct the numbering for you!

The numbering will be applied to your tweets automatically

6. If you have found a numbering style that you like, you can change the default options that are loaded. Go to your thread settings and change the numbering options to match your style. Now all new threads will automatically use this format.

You can also watch this video tutorial on how to number a thread with ThreadStart:

Use the automatic thread numbering option

Now you know how you can automatically add numbers to your thread. And how you can customize the defaults so your style remains the same throughout your content. Your readers will thank you!