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Change my accounts timezone

Knowing where your accounts home timezone is, helps ThreadStart make sure you postings are scheduled at the right time. Here is how you can change it.

Timezones are important for a scheduling service, because they help make sure your content gets posted at the right time. Your lunchtime might not be when our brave, little server eats his energy bars.

Initial Timezone Setup

Once you sign up for ThreadStart, one of the first things, that will happen is setting your timezone. To do so ThreadStart guesses your timezone. From then on all times (like in your calendar or when you schedule postings) will reference this timezone, so you always get presented with your accurate home time.

Changing Timezones

Occasionally you might want to change your timezone, though. Maybe you're moving into a different country or travel as a digital nomad. In order to make sure, the times in ThreadStart make sense to you, you can change your timezone.

To do so,

  1. head into your account settings

  2. scroll down to "Account Timezone"

  3. select a new timezone from the list next to the account

Select a new timezone for your account.

If you have multiple accounts, you can change the timezones for each account individually. This can be useful for example when you have a company account that serves a different geographical market than your current home.

So, a digital nomad living in East Asia might use a different timezone for his online business that serves US customers.