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Evergreen Tweets

Learn how to recycle your best tweets as evergreen content on Twitter

What are evergreen tweets?

You spend a lot of time crafting valuable content on Twitter. But once posted and out of your follower's feeds it is often lost forever. No more!

With ThreadStart you can now mark your best pieces as 'evergreen'. These postings will then get life breathed back into them. Because good content deserves to be put in front of your audience over and over again.

Imagine a new follower just discovering you. They are not very likely to dig into your feed, trying to uncover your best postings. Instead, they will only read everything you post from the moment they followed you. At the same time, they are very likely to want to read what you already said. They followed you for a reason!

Evergreen Tweets help put your older content in front of these followers as well. By automatically retweeting your best work on a schedule you choose.

This is how you can set up evergreen tweets in your ThreadStart account

How to set up Evergreen Tweets

Setting up your automatic content recycling is easy. You need to do two things:

  1. create a schedule

  2. mark tweets as evergreen

From then on ThreadStart will take care of the rest.

Create a Schedule

The schedule is the plan ThreadStart will use to recycle your evergreen tweets. In other words, these are the time slots ThreadStart used to decide when an evergreen tweet should be retweeted.

You are free to choose as many slots as you want. I would recommend starting with only a few. Only if you think you need more add slots to your schedule. You might overwhelm your followers otherwise.

To select your slots first go to the scheduling settings. Then select the times you want your evergreen content to be retweeted by selecting the corresponding checkboxes. Finally, click 'Save Slots" to apply the changes.

Select a schedule that works for your posting habits.

Great! Now your schedule is set and ThreadStart will automatically check your pool of evergreen content when at the selected times.

Next, you should start marking content as evergreen.

Mark tweets as Evergreen

The schedule tells ThreadStart when to spread your content. What is still missing is telling ThreadStart which content you want to redistribute. This is done by marking tweets as evergreen.

To mark a tweet as evergreen first go to your postings overview. Then click on the three dots in the top right corner of a tweet to open a dropdown. In the dropdown you can see the option 'Mark as Evergreen'. Click it and you will see that your tweet gets marked with an evergreen icon.

Mark a timeless tweet as evergreen ♻

That's it! This tweet is now automatically added to your evergreen pool. Once, a selected time from the schedule has come, ThreadStart will pick up a tweet from this pool and retweet it.

Make sure to regularly mark tweets as evergreen, so that ThreadStart has the best possible selection of tweets to chose from.

Which tweets should I mark as evergreen?

A good fit are tweets with timless information. Advice that is valid independent of the current time. A quote you posted that holds true. A deep dive of a topic that stays relevant.

You can also mark tweets as evergreen that follow a current long-lasting trend. But keep in mind once the topic becomes irrelevant, you might want to unmark that tweet.

Bad fits are tweets that reference specific events happening at the time of the tweet. Retweeting your New Year's wishes during a heatwave in July might not be the best time.