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How can I add images to a Twitter thread?

Here is how you can add images to your next Twitter thread. The ThreadStart editor gives you 3 options to choose from.

Three Ways to Upload Images

Images make your postings pop! They can add additional context to your tweets, draw attention in busy feeds or be used to share helpful code screenshots.

Twitter allows up to 4 images per tweet and ThreadStart makes it easy to add them to your postings. You have three options to choose from when adding images to your thread.

1. Click the upload button

The first way is to click the image button in the toolbar. Once you click the button with the image icon a window will open that lets you select one or multiple images.

After selecting your images (you can pick up to 4) confirm your selection and the images will automatically be uploaded. You will see them appear in the editor.

Click the image icon to open your browsers image picker.

2. Drag and drop

To make things easier you can also drag images from a folder into the editor. Just select the image with your mouse and while clicking drag the image over the editor. Once you let go the image will be uploaded automatically. Once finished it will appear in the editor and in the thread preview!

Drag an image into the editor to add it to your thread.

3. Copy and paste

Another way to add images to your thread is by pasting them into the editor. Copy an image (for example with CTRL + C) and paste it (CTRL + V) into the editor. The image will be uploaded automatically and once that's finished appear in the editor. It's as easy as that!

Paste an image directly into the editor from your clipboard.

Move images to another tweet

No matter which way you choose, your images will always be uploaded and added to the editor automatically. The images will be added to the tweet next to the content you place them.

If you want your images to show up on a different tweet, you can drag them there. The thread preview will update automatically and show your images next to the new tweet!

You can move your images to a different tweet by dragging them.